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First Aid Rooms and AEDs feature in HSE Case Study document.

Accompanying the HSE Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations and Guidance document (L74 revised), is a new collection of case studies, designed to add context to the guidelines. Eleven different scenarios include:

• Convenience Store
• Supermarket
• Nursing Home
• Office
• Secondary School
• Primary School
• Café
• Construction Company
• Trackside Railway Maintenance Co.
• Chemical Processing Plant
• Remote Locations

Each case study creates a detailed scenario including the layout of the site, the number of employees, and the accident history. For the first time, the updated HSE guidelines include consideration to providing defibrillators in the workplace. In five of the eleven scenarios, the conclusion includes a recommendation that an AED should either certainly be provided, or should be seriously considered. In seven out of the eleven case studies, the conclusions point to a clear need for a first aid room in the workplace. In the office scenario with eighty employees working on two levels, and a history consistent with most office environments, a first aid room is prescribed.

Are You Equipped?

Reliance Medical First Aid Room Code Red

In the Emergency and Rescue business, situations develop instantaneously. Rarely do emergencies come with advance warning. For any business, Health and Safety, Fire and Rescue, and numerous other requirements place serious responsibilities on employers and companies to prepare for potential or risk-assessed hazards.

How Can Reliance Medical Help?

We have grown into one of the UK’s leading distributors of high quality, innovative, and cost effective everyday First Aid products and consumables. Established firmly in the market, we have turned our attention to some essential items that are not normally everyday use.

Code Red™ Emergency Medical Equipment and Supplies

Designed specifically to help you with very serious incidents, from dealing with a suspected broken neck, to the evacuation of a disabled or injured individual from the upper floor of a burning building, the Code Red™ range provides all the tools you need to manage situations that demand much more than the contents of a First Aid Kit.

Is there something here you may need? Each and every day, factories, workshops, colleges, hotels, restaurants, shops, and even peaceful libraries may face a situation where a person under their care, either as an employee or visitor, is placed at risk. Mostly, these incidents may be dealt with by basic first aid procedures and, if necessary, back-up from medical professionals from the emergency services.

However, all too frequently, it is no longer acceptable to dial 999 and wait. Action may need to be taken swiftly and without the risk of making a bad situation even worse. This is where the ‘Code Red™’ range of emergency products can help.

Whether you need a portable trolley to update the facilities in your First Aid Room, or a state-of-the-art Evacuation Chair designed to safely extricate someone from a fire hazard, you will find these and everything in between on the following pages.